There will never be another You.

But you’re lost in the noise on social media & missing out on tons of business, reaching your ideal client, & potentially millions of dollars in sales.


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Social Media Influencers SUCK!

I get it. It’s impossible to not cringe at the sound of the term ‘social media influencer’. That’s why I coined the phrase ‘Business Influencer’, because here’s the deal: if you’re not growing your brand on the world’s largest digital platform YOU WILL GO EXTINCT.

My story is no different.

I was in sales working for a Chevy Dealership selling cars while building my business on the side. My dream has always been to be an entrepreneur and motivational speaker. I’ve always been passionate about impacting lives and making a difference in the world. But nobody knew I existed 🤦🏻‍♂️.

I quickly realized I needed a way to put my name on the map. People buy people, they don’t buy your products or services until they know, like, and trust YOU.

So what did I do?

I built a personal brand and started posting videos on social media every single day and I did it for over 500 days in a row without missing a single day! And guess what happened…?

People began to follow me, heck they even started to like me and look forward to the videos I was making! While I was still in sales my sales started booming!

I was selling more cars than I’d ever sold before! On top of that, the dream of building my own business was finally within arms reach. Because of my videos, a company reached out to me and asked if I would be their keynote speaker at a company event they were having and deliver a presentation to motivate their team.

My brand kept growing and when my savings was down to the last 17 I launched a coaching program from Facebook LIVE with 83 people watching. That week I did 23K in sales for my business.

I went on to break my first 6 figures in the next 6 months of business and grow that company to be able to travel the world doing what I love.

All of this is from just posting a 60-second or less video every single day. I knew I was onto something here. So much so that other people started coming to me for social media advice.

The crazy thing is, I don’t have millions of followers. But what I do have is loyal followers that know me, like me, trust me, and are willing to do business with me. I learned that’s all it takes to leverage social media to build your business or drive more sales.

There are two types of people in the world.

The, ‘I hate social media & believe it’s rotting our brains’ type. Or the, ‘Social media is a tool to grow my brand & I’m eager to learn how to use it’ type. I can’t entirely disagree with the first– have you seen those dancing videos on TikTok? 😬 But I can guarantee the second will 10x their business in no time.

Content Daily, my social media marketing & education agency, helps people leverage social media to build their brands and grow their businesses.

Our ‘Done for You’ services offer an effortless experience for growing your brand & acquire more customers.

Our Business Influencer education program guides you each step of the way to accelerate your skills & brand online.

I thought to myself, 'I just got paid to do my dream job, why not quit my day job and go all in!?' In hindsight, I realize I didn't really have a good business plan, product, or service, so probably not my brightest idea 😅



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